Cancer And Virgo: Are They Compatible?

You both care for each other, rather intensely care for each other and that is the hallmark of your relationship. Your mood is your friend or your enemy. When both of you are in a happy mood, you shine like jewels. When there is a cloud in your mind, naturally the happy moon has to hide! Sentimentality is the dominant trait of the Cancer.  Virgo is more realistic. You have the bitter tongue, when needed and when not needed. The later aspect proves quite damaging for the tender psyche of the Cancer. So, Virgo needs to handle Cancer carefully. Virgo needs to cultivate the quality of patience.

Cancer is capable of extending tremendous co-operation. You love your family life, and your children would feel that their parents are their friends. You are never authoritarian with your children and that is a great assurance for them.

Virgo is more practical. “Talk less and work more,” is the policy with Virgo. Virgo is highly dependable and you can expect fulfillment of the commitment. Virgo is ever in search of new ideas, projects and plans. At the implementation level, Virgo may falter. Virgo however, is quick to own up mistakes and to take whatever corrective measures necessary. It is not very easy to know the true feelings in the heart of the Virgo. But Cancer, who is compassionate and tender by nature, has the capacity to understand Virgo.

Virgo is highly disciplined in every aspect of his life. Virgo is immaculate in habits and wishes to have perfect discipline all around. With this attitude, Virgo makes his own life difficult sometimes. 'If there is no perfect discipline, carry on with the available discipline,' should be the approach of Virgo. You can't change the world order overnight. You need not! There is a long way to go no doubt, but thee is long time too! Virgo needs to give up the habit of carrying extra load on the head. The compassion and wise counsel of Cancer would help Virgo tide over many difficult situations.

Virgo's habit of threadbare analysis and criticism for small issues is the problem with Cancer. Virgo sometimes, makes an issue out of nothing. The criticism of Virgo, at times could be stinging. Virgo needs to develop the positive attitude and should care for the psyche of others. Keep the channel of communication with the Cancer ever open. But, occasionally shutting it, would result in problems for both of you.

Virgo has the deep appreciation of the astounding qualities of Cancer, patience, concern and love. Your relationship is the true relationship and there is no hidden agenda- there lies the beauty of both of you. You have the perfect inner bond.

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