Compatibility Of Monkey With Rooster

A difficult combination. Monkey and Rooster are both powerful and good signs, taken individually. But two good signs, two good individuals, do not necessarily make a good combination. Your traits and approach to life are different. If both of you wish to be the leaders, who will be the follower? If both of you wish to be the directors, who will act? Secondly, the Rooster wishes to have the total discipline. Monkey does not worry much about perfection, and is happy to carry on with the available discipline. Rooster has the serious approach to solve the problems of life. Monkey hopes to solve most of the problems by the tools of wit and humor. Both are able to find the solution in their own way. Both think, their approach alone is correct. Monkey individually thinks whatever he does is correct. Rooster thinks whatever correct is there in the world, belongs to him. The leadership contest is the hot topic between you always.

As for love, the relationship is again strange. You may click as friends, but a permanent love-life is a problem for you. In a platform for a common cause, you are a good team and you will win the appreciation of the audience. Once you are out from the podium, the controversy between you will remain the unsolved controversy. You live under one roof, but on many occasions, you behave like strangers. You don't have time for each other. You don't exchange views and come to a common conclusion on important issues. Rooster is never happy with the disposition of the Monkey and thinks that Monkey needs lots of improvement in many areas.

In business again, the problem is not about business as such, but about who should control business. You both are leaders and you are interested in keeping the reigns of power under your thumb. In reality, of the two, Monkey is the natural leader and takes joy and pride in public relations aspect of the business. Rooster is a good internal administrator and an in-house specialist. Rooster will play the appropriate role, while Monkey is up to take thoughtless risks for the development of business, that may end up in disaster.

As per the Chinese astrology, the compatibility between you is 40%. You get pass marks, but need you just pass? Both of you are capable of doing better, for your own welfare.

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