Compatibility Of Horse With Pig

The Horse and the Pig have basic differences but they have the capacity to understand and workout a solution for them. Both have an innate desire for hard work. Among the two, the leadership issue can only be solved, when the Pig accepts Horse as the leader. Pig has no problems with this arrangement. When common interest is the binding force, leadership is no issue at all. Pig is known for accommodating nature. The Pig has the natural tendency to spot the best in others. The Pig will bow to such an extent that the Horse has no other alternative but to accept its bidding. How politeness and surrender pays in the long run—ask the Pig! When it comes to public relations and attend business conferences, the Pig knows that the Horse is the proper person to remain in that position. Over a period, the relationship between the two will solidify to such an extent that there will be no issue between you and both of you will be in a position to perfectly understand the worth of the other.

You will have your problems in the love-life. That is because your basic traits in this area are so different. It is not easy to reconcile such differences. Pig wishes to lead a quiet and orderly life, whereas hurry is part of the nature of the Horse. Horse is fickle-minded. You are not steady at a particular place and you wish to move from one area to the other, without any proper reasons. You specialize in creating confusion for the other. In the initial stages of the love life, the horse is so fascinated with the Pig, but gradually the interest wanes. The Pig has a well-knit family life, you are home-loving and the wayward ways of the Horse are quite a serious problem for you. The Pig has lots of tolerance but if the Horse were to cross the limit, the venomous attitude of the Pig is seen to be believed. The Pig will strike so hard that there is no need to strike again.

Both the Horse and the Pig are hard workers when the work is something they like; the trick that works for these two as business partners is to do something that is liked by both of them. Both love to be industrious and are willing to work hard for mutual advantage. The nature of the work is the binding force between the two. The Pig is able to tame the unsteady Horse—your natural tendency not to remain glued to a particular place or vocation.

As per the Chinese Astrology, your compatibility percentage is 60%. Both of you are such strong signs that further rosy possibilities can not be ruled out for ascendancy in your relationship.

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