Compatibility Of Tiger With Horse

You both are independent signs. Your relationship stands within the framework of your independence. Tiger is the boss, but the horse is not second in command. So to say, the Tiger is first among the equals. Your outlook on life is similar. You do not take a grim view of any situation in life. You have the capacity to face any odds with fortitude and courage. You enjoy the company of your friends and associates and both of you are considered as dynamic individuals in the circle you move. Leadership is not a big issue between you two as your interests are identical and you don't have individual agenda other than the common agenda for mutual welfare and progress. Your goal is the same and you are wiling to achieve it with joint efforts.

On closer scrutiny, the Tiger has the edge in relationships. Tiger finds it difficult to compromise on the issue of leadership. Horse is not willing to be controlled by any one under any circumstances. If you try to do it, Horse is capable to find the escape route. The born ruler Tiger, will remain the born ruler. There would not be, however, serious situations in your lives, because both of you develop and are capable of practicing the art of respecting the independence of each other. As for love, the relationship is mysterious. Horse is likely to move from one spot to another, and you can't take its love and loyalty for granted. Your nature is whimsical. Tiger is trustworthy in love-related matters. You are magnanimous in your disposition. You love to be loved and you are equally generous in love related matters.

You are wonderful partners in business related matters. You both have capacity for hard work and you are full of innovative ideas. You set a program and see it through to a successful conclusion. But the main problem again is who is the leader of the business project. The first claim to that position is that of Tiger but the House would like to function as the autonomous subject. You demand independent say in all the matters related to the project.

As per the Chinese Astrology scale your compatibility rate is 90%. When this is the position, nothing more need to be said about your relationship. You are completely honest with each other. This is the final affirmative seal about your relationship. In business related matters you are absolutely loyal and sincere to each other. That makes your business flourish fast. You are ever ready for any type of hard work and you will never shirk responsibility.

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