Compatibility Of Dragon With Monkey

If someone were to give not a well-studied, but an off-the-cuff answer, about the compatibility between the Dragon and the Monkey, the most optimistic one may not give such high marks- 100%. But this is the level in which you are placed and you enjoy your luck. You have all the positive qualities that make the life successful one—capacity and willingness to work hard. Stamina and the heroism. You love all the good things of life and the not so good ones! Your life is fast-paced, because you have so many things to do! Many accomplishments and many types of enjoyments! You both are independent personalities, hot tempered and fighting! But yours is the clash of the Titans! The harsh reality between your relations remains for a short while. When the tempest blows over, the ocean is ever calm! The waves are normal!

As for your love life, yours is a strange combination again. To you, a home is just a shelter. You are not worried about the beauty and interior decoration aspect of the house. To put it bluntly, you love mess! None of you is interested in the upkeep of the house. Let it remain the way it is, you are not bothered. You wish to spend as much time wandering outside, visiting friends and relatives and you ignore the irregular state of affairs! The Dragon would like to have an ideal house, neat and clean, well decorated, but that ideal remains an ideal! None of you wish to work for it. You don't regret for it. In this area, you have no complaints with each other.

In business matters, the combination is yet again interesting and unique. To the Monkey, business is fun and if one is to retain the element of fun and achieve the desired goal in business, there is nothing like that! It is no ordinary achievement. To the dragon, however, business is a serious activity. You both have tremendous capacity to take risks, rather you can't do business, without taking risks. You need to take extra care in this area, if both of you are adventurous, sometimes there lies the possibility of throwing caution to the wind. But fortunately, such a situation is unlikely to arise, as the Dragon individual carries the inborn and eternal luck with him. Added to this, Dragon works hard. You remain inspired and you inspire others.

The compatibility rate of 100%! What a big bonus in life! Year after year!—and recall the feelings of getting bonus shares!

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