Compatibility Of Dog With Pig

The Pig has the please-all attitude. The Dog suffers occasional mood-offs. You are a good match, notwithstanding this important contradiction. During the mood-off period, you will not rebuke the Dog, you allow him his own time to recoup the original happy and robust mood. You have perfect understanding otherwise. Dog is known for honesty and loyalty and this quality with adequate back up of the Pig in the form of love, make yours a unique combination. You have high sense of morality and integrity and that is a solid foundation for any relationship.

Your love-life is full of promise. Both of you have the desire to live happily. You normally do not deliberately create any sort of problem for the other. The Dog has more initiative and energy and you are a brave spirit. You love adventures. Pig individual is sober and less enterprising. But you have great capacity to give love. You are caring about home and children. You pay lots of interest to home-decor and will keep everything spic and span. You are the in-house specialist. At times, there could be problems due to your different energy levels, but you both are clever and understanding enough to solve your problems without giving scope for deep differences. Your loyalty and habit of total protection give great assurance to the Pig. Since the Pig has no sense or intention to dominate, no snags will develop in your relationship. Pig does not look into the negative aspects in any person. This can be considered as your strength as well as weakness. Someone is bound to take undue advantage of your generosity and goodwill.

Your business also gets along well. Any business has two important aspects. Internal administration and the public relations. Pig has no problems about who is first in the Q and who is at the end. You do your job sincerely and with devotion. You have tremendous capacity for work. Dog excels in outdoor work and brings lots of business. Pig is good at looking after the clients. You maintain the interiors in very good condition that goes to impress your business associates. Both of you have the capacity to provide stability to the business. Your clients will be greatly impressed by the level of honesty seen in your business dealing.

As per the Chinese Astrology your compatibility is 70%. Obviously you are on the safer side. Both signs are such that you do have more promise.

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