Compatibility Of Tiger with Dog

“Great deeds are done when men and mountains meet,” so goes the wise saying. The relationship between the Tiger and the Dog is similar one. You are happy and feel protected in the company of each other, for the reasons best known to you. For the Tiger to feel comfortable, is no ordinary achievement. The very nature of the Dog is to trust, and the noble and the magnanimous Tiger richly deserves the trust of the dog. You can not say that it is a master-servant relationship. But the Dog won't mind to give the sincere service and regards to the Tiger. This attitude of the Dog is to the total satisfaction of the Tiger. So, both get along very well.

In love related matters, your personalities bloom. The Tiger gives lots of importance to the aspect of genuine love. Tiger is very happy, when it gets the same from the Dog. Mutual love is a matter of submission; you can't have absolute freedom in such matters. By nature, you both are independent. But you do provide accommodation in your heart for the love of the other to thrive. Nobility and character are the hallmarks of your personality. You love and respect each other. You are willing to understand and many times accept the view points of the other. This aspect makes your relationship quite interesting and lively.

In business related matters, you do very well. Mutual trust, loyalty and integrity are the important traits for success in any business and you have these qualities. The hard and intelligent work of the Tiger coupled with the innovative idea of the Dog, gives momentum to your business always. Your friends and business associates will immensely trust you. Dog knows more about the Tiger's heart, more than the Tiger! Dog has the capacity to judge the expected trends in business related matters and many times, Dog's sharp wit surprises the Tiger. It is not that the Dog is a materialist. Your love for business is not to be confused with love for money or greediness. To the Dog, business is a social welfare activity. You have the habit of doing anything with perfection. You don't have any selfishness and money is just a means to you.

As per the Chinese Astrology, your compatibility rate is 90%. This high level of percentage of agreeable traits speaks for itself.

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