Believe It Or Not, Astrology Is There

Astrology involves the study of planetary motion and the correlation of those to your life here on Earth. You must know that all the planets including earth have come out of the Sun and we are out of this earth. Any change on the surface of the sun affects the earth. Then don't you think that our life will also be affected by the planets all around us for this obvious reason? With the help of astrology you can learn about your life and the changes that are going to take place in the coming years. Remember, you are a cosmic being - a part of the whole. So if you want to know about astrology just explore the universe. You will get your answer. So, I will not ask you to believe in astrology, but you should definitely know about it. Everything in the universe is worth knowing. Once you know it, you don't need to believe it. As, to believe is to ignore the truth!

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