Amazing Astrological Reports For More Amazing The Predictions!

Personal astrology profiles are a craze these days. To create your personal astrology profile, your astrologer will ask you about your date of birth, birth time and place. Now this basic profile gives some general details about you, your personality and perception. That is not all; a skilled astrologer can even stun you with his readings as he may predict your future events and happenings quite with ease.

The procedure adopted to prepare an astrology report is simple. About the basics, there is not much scope for the flight of imagination. Know the exact location of the planets at the time of your birth. The effect of their location and from there the interaction between themselves to create the impact on your life will be determined. The individual position and their combined effect based on known “mathematical” calculations will be explained to you thus.

What are Natal Reports? Natal reports are your birth reports based on astrology. The Personal Astrology Profile, Astro Insight and Indra Reports are also termed thus. Then there are special reports, regarding your Career Path, Medicine Wheel, and Environmental Affinity Report. In preparing these reports, reality and imagination of the astrologer work together. In case of an experienced astrologer, his past experience in dealing with such combinations is bound to work in your favor, even though you may feel that the report is specifically written for you and the confidence that your astrologer will create in your heart would lead you to think that he must have visited some of the planets personally.

Then there are readings and special reports on many types of relationships: Romance and Relationships, Love and Passion, the Psychic Shop, Karma and Past Lives, Tarot Shop, Destiny Shop, Profile and Solar Return, Forecast Shop, Gift Shop, Career and Money.

You name it, and the astrologer has a solution…Now you know how your
birthday is important to astrologer, after your boy friend and accounts clerk!

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