Astrology Of Cancer Folks

Cancer astrology is astrology of people bearing cancer sun sign. Cancer astrology like astrology of other signs could be accessed through daily horoscopes available in news papers. For an extensive version of cancer astrology, monthly horoscope could be tracked. Cyberastro is the easiest source to get acquainted with your sun sign details. But, common practice is to keep track of daily horoscopes to know about yourself.

People with cancer zodiac sign come under water element. Those who are borne between twenty second of June to twenty third of July are Cancerian by sign. Yin happens to be their energy. Cancerians are ruled by moon. Cancerians are suggested to accessorize themselves with pearl.

Cancerians happen to be very sensitive folks. Woman who are cancerian, turn out to be great moms. They possess the altruistic emotions in plenty.

These emotional and sensitive folks are kept in control by moon despite disturbing tides of sea that often tend to affect cancerians. Cancerians happen to be great lovers. Once betrayed, they turn out to be the most cold folks with all hatred and they often end up seeking revenge.

Cancer folks also happen to be moody but not to the extent of Geminis. They are great home keepers. They believe in orderly arrangement of things. A cancer woman would be a pleasure for her mate but she also needs to be cared for.

Cancer folks are not adapt at accustoming with changes. In fact, they hate changes and love monotony. They are gifted with great creative instincts and often bring innovation in their work.

They are probably best lovers in the world. Their positive traits dominate over their weaknesses. At times, they get carried away with their emotions. Some of the famous cancerians are Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Hemingway.

If you are a Cancerian, don't let others know your emotional weaknesses or you may get exploited later on.

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