Gemini And Pisces: Are They Compatible?

Nothing is stationery in this world. Everything is ever changing. You are not what you were, a minute ago. The leaf of the tree is not what it was a day before. Change and growth are the orders of Nature. Both of you, Gemini and Pisces know this rule very well and it is part and parcel of your Nature. You welcome and absorb many ideas and point of views. You brood over them, may or may not accept them. But, you are definitely influenced by them. Nothing firm about you. You can't be taken for granted. 

Of the two, Gemini is more rational, Pisces is an individual of moods. Feelings are more important to Pisces, rather Pisces is swayed by situations. Pisces suppresses the feelings, but Gemini is open for discussion, rather loves it. Pisces is not vocal in expressing feelings, Gemini tries to extract as much information from Pisces as possible. Gemini is a journalist, has questions and cross-questions, whereas Pisces has the heart of a poet. Pisces is not able to cope up with the bubbling enthusiasm and energy of Gemini, and for Gemini, the ways of Pisces are mysterious.

Many a times, it's difficult for an open-minded and fun loving Gemini to understand the dreamer in the sensitive individual like Pisces. Pisces is restless without reason and moody without a cause. It is the battle royal between the intellectual and the emotional; between the scientist and the philosopher.

Gemini controls the emotions well, is more concerned with logic, views any situation in the correct perspective, whereas emotions drown all reasoning as far as Pisces is concerned. The level of flight of imaginations between both of you is much different. You respect each other's feelings but find it difficult to understand the disposition of the other.

When the differences go to the extreme, they take the form of criticism. The party at the receiving end, will not take the matter lying down. Nothing serious is likely to happen, all that you need is, to give accommodation to the view point of the other. Disagree to agree! Be in a position to enjoy your differences.

Your relationships will get complicated, when you chase one another. If you intentionally try to pull down the other, belittle the achievements of the other, the outcome would not be up to the liking of any one. Care and caution are the watchwords in your relationship.

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