Monthly Predictions For Cancer: October 2006

(21st June to 22nd July)

The most important factor that guides you in all the perspectives of life is emotion. When the emotions work, you are the most happy person to deal with. You have the capacity to develop wonderful human relationships. You have a lifetime dedication for the thing that you believe in.

This month, you have opportunity to show some of the best Cancer qualities- as for communication, career, partnerships or status in life. There are bound to be subtle changes in you, both within and outside. This month, you will develop a new source of confidence. Sudden and unexpected developments in your career will do you good. Situations will develop to your liking, without any extra effort on your part.

An outstanding career growth is expected. Nature will take its own course to brighten your career prospects. Your hard work will be amply rewarded. Windfall gains are expected during this month. Deal with any situation wisely and not from the emotional level. Take good care about your health.

This month is a month of favorable happenings. Your long wait in relation to your personal relationships and career is moving in the right direction to reach a happy ending. October is one of the most happening month for you.

Excellent career growth prospects are on the card. Lot of hard work is expected from you, but you will be suitably rewarded as well. There are sudden favorable developments expected for your career growth and you will welcome such changes with a smile. Long distance travel, in the pursuit of your career is indicated. You get the upstart in your career through honest means. This is a great month for you to learn about new people and develop new contacts. If you are a business man, you can expect some trouble with your business partner, about the method to share the profits.          

Marriage/ Love
By the end of this month, you would be the happiest person. Your thinking is global, and you will get right avenues that suit your thinking and taste. In money matters, your spouse is a better-off person than you and therefore she may demand more say in the domestic issues.

Your emotions will be tested to the optimum but, with your sense of discipline and right approach, you will win over the situation. Overall, October is an important month from every angle and you will scale great heights.

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