Monthly Predictions For Gemini: October 2006

(21st May to 20th June)

You have already experienced much better results this year. Particularly, during the last two months. October will be much better, even though you feel the residual pressures of the accumulated monetary problems. But, matters will continue to ease.

You are about to enter a good period of your life by the end of October 2006. You can expect new avenues of opportunities to open up. Family matters will bring forth to you extra happiness. Speculative investment opportunities look good. You will stand to gain.

This month is particularly good as what you think and put into practical shape, could be the foundation stone for your changed outlook for the next 5 years.  The end of this month, however, will see you in fresh debts and stiff competition in your career. You are in the midst of a volatile career. Abrupt changes in the same are expected. You have problems on three sides- your career, place of residence and your domestic issues.

Think a number of times, before taking any major decision during this month. This month is neither positive nor negative for you. Extraordinary gains or increase in the levels of income is out of question. You need to apply your intelligence to the utmost to maintain the level of your income. The health of your family member may pose some problems, vitiating the otherwise peaceful atmosphere in the family. Old persons may face problems related to the lungs and heart. On the whole, it is a balancing month from all points of view.

You have been through a tough period for the past five years and you are finding an improvement in the situation. A turn around in the fortune is expected. You will be able to locate new avenues for growth. Your right decisions this month will bring you far-fetched results for the next 3 to 4 years.

Sudden growth and favorable options could happen this month. You are likely to face tough hurdles during this month, but this is the month, most opportune if, you exert a little more effort to overcome the problems and push your way through.

Marriage/ Love

As for marriage related matters, this month is highly positive. If you miss this chance, negative trends are likely to overtake you. Unmarried people may get engaged during this month. Love matters will see happy ending during this month. You need to give some extra attention to your family members for their emotional wellbeing and

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