Monthly Predictions For Leo: October 2006

(23rd July to 22ndAugust)

You are under stress throughout the year, and October month is no exception, even though the matters may ease to some extent. Married people have a difficult time adjusting with the views of the spouse. Your personal issues may be under severe strain, throughout the month. You are in a period of high risk as for your career. Downward slide in the career is a possibility during this month.

Do not take any hasty decisions with regard to your personal life. Domestic prospects may brighten during the end of this month. Some real estate gains are expected. Do not enter into giving loans or monetary transactions with your friends and relatives, in which case you may lose the money as well as the relationship.

Domestic happiness will be under pressure due to the health of your spouse. The situation may take an aggressive turn and you need to be tactful in dealing with the matter. The chances of your making  wrong decisions are high. Taken as a whole, even in a totally hopeless situation, this month is a positive one, giving you less botheration.

Career wise, the year has been difficult and you will continue to be under stress. You will be saddled with monetary problems and would find it difficult to control wasteful expenditure. The difficulties related to the financial matters of the previous months of this year, would start exerting more pressure on you, during this month. You are facing the downward slide in your career and the position will continue on this course till the end of this month.

Pressure on personal health and money matters will continue to bother you to a great extent until the end of this month. Stick on to the present career and do not think of changes. You are anyway finding the going very tough and you need to bear with this situation, for quite some more time. You have no other option. Don't venture into new partnerships. Even the existing arrangements are under pressure and you experience difficulty in bearing the twists and turns.

Marriage/ Love
Not a good month for marriages. Pressure of travels will cause additional mental pressure. The existing relationships are already under strain and this phase will continue with more intensity during this month. For the unmarried ones, the marriage options are not much. Any new proposal should be viewed with care and caution. The attitude and temperament of the spouse has been a problem throughout the year so far, and no improvement is seen on the card. The situation will continue to be aggressive. You are heading towards a negative phase. Since, you are not in the proper frame of mind to take your own decisions, as for the marital matters, take advice from your trusted friends and relatives.

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