Monthly Predictions For Libra: October 2006

(22nd September to 22nd October)

The year has been a year of growth and success so far for Librans. It has also been an eventful period, with lots of opportunities. You have undergone lots of stress too. You can not accept anything without arguments or discussions, with immediate relatives or men in authority. You have gone through a period of stability so far, but do expect further progress by the end of this month, even though such changes have the potentiality to create problems for you from the end of your friends.

You are going through a period of positive changes already. These changes will consolidate and could be the base for your further prosperity and progress, during the course of next 5 years. You can expect additional sources of income by the end of this month. Your family life is also in for favorable changes by the end of this month. All changes will be for the better. With the added income, you will develop a tendency to spend on a high scale. You need to curb yourself on this behalf.

The level of activity and the effectiveness of such ventures will however be on a low key. Avoid taking any major decisions during this month and continue with the existing arrangements.

Career wise the year so far has been eventful. Unprecedented activity will be the hallmark of this month. The level of stress and pressure will continue. Though the growth level is low, the level of income will continue to be high this month. By the end of this month, addition to income is a distinct possibility.

You can plan careful investments this month. Excellent gains are seen by the end of this month. Job matters will continue to be positive and a jump in the salary is on the cards. For professionals, this is a very positive month and the trend will continue beyond October as well. If you are working for a company, you can expect excellent rise in the salary with a sharp promotion.

Marriage/ Love
It is the dawn of a better married life from the last week of this month. You have a tendency to dominate the spouse, but better family life awaits you by the end of this month. There will be a significant improvement in married life. For unmarried people, this month is good for finding a match for themselves. Your career-life gets precedence over love life and hence you are not in a position to spare much time for social events and other avenues of enjoyment.

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