Monthly Predictions For Pisces: October 2006

(19th February to 20th March)

This year, so far has been a year of pressure, but turn around in all aspects of life is likely this month. You have been experiencing a steady improvement since the beginning of April 2006. If you are in the thick of a new project, the good phase for its working and completion, continues throughout  this month. But, your mind will continue to remain disturbed and don't expect relief from such a situation till the end of this month.

But, sudden rise in the business related matters or career is expected and things should start showing towards this end by the last week of this month. The present trend of low profile and pressure on the work will continue till the end of this month. Be careful in your dealings. Property and real estate gains are expected.

The last week of this month will give you a head start in all aspects of your life. Your status and your interest in spirituality are on the rise. Possibility of the foreign travel can not be ruled out. Be polite about your disposition and attitude. This area needs a lot of improvement.

This month could be your planning month. Initiate ventures contemplated in the last week of October 2006. You need to be tactful as the difficult and trying state of your mind will prevail throughout the current month. Avoid investments and commitments that go beyond the month of October 2006. You will continue to be under stress during this month. Only average progress is possible during this month and abrupt rises are possible only after the end of this month.

Marriage/ Love
You are an individual of aggressive nature. You need to control yourself and look forward for a peaceful atmosphere by the end of this month or early next month. You can expect excellent marital relationships, once the differences are dissolved by the end of this month. It is advisable to avoid marriage this month.

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