Monthly Predictions For Sagittarius: October 2006

(22nd November 21st December)

You are on the high rise in every aspect of your life and this position will continue till the end of this month. High income possibilities will also continue. In friendship related matters, you need to be cautious, as you are likely to be exploited by them. Think with a rational mind, as it could be tested this month. Stay away from controversies and be flexible in your behavior.

A change in the lifestyle and outlook is seen by the end of this month, and you will be more introvert.  You will develop the tendency to be more spiritual and you involve in religious pursuits. These should do you good. The overall mental stress and problems related to personal matters will be there till the end of this month. But, luck will continue to ride in  your favor, and there are chances that you will gain in real estate purchases.

But, the mental tension and stress, that has been your lot throughout the year so far, will continue, though on a lesser scale. October month is one of the best months for you during this year, and the positive gains secured during this month will set the course for the events during the coming months of the year.  

The domestic pressure is a reality and it will continue all through the month. This will cause you mental setback. If you are a professional, you will be in the company of unreliable persons and they could cause you damage. But, the end of this month will see you taking up new challenges with confidence. Spirituality shall be your guiding and comfort-giving force.

As compared  to the previous months of the year, October is a positive month. As for the career, the high level activity will continue, but you will be faced with hurdles. You lack focus and this could prove to be your main problem in anything that you do. Career prospects are very positive during this month. Job prospects are also fine and you are heading towards prosperity.

Marriage/ Love    
An excellent period for love and marriage related issues. The earlier difficulties and differences will be resolved. Positive indications for the unmarried people are seen. The marriage proposals are likely to get finalized during this month. If the marriage related matters are not settled during this month, there are less chances of their being fructified during the ensuing months of the year.

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