Monthly Predictions For Scorpio: October 2006

(23rd October to 21st November)

This has been a year of progress and movement after the previous turbulent phase. You are expected to recoup the original position and move towards progress. This phase is presently continuing and is expected to last till the end of this month. You are heading towards spiritual growth. Gains from property and real estate are expected during the month, if not secured already during the course of the year.    

The end of this month will see an abrupt change and this will be for the better. Your maturity in thinking will guide you through this good phase and it could be the foundation stone for the progress for next 5 years. The end of this month will also see the beginning of a period of happiness in children related issues. You are heading towards high intellectual gains.

You need to wait till the end of this month for erratic period of your life to get over. Do not take any hasty decisions regarding the real estate matters. At present, pessimism is your style of thinking. You are unnecessarily worried and stressed. Avoid arguments with people close to you. Don't you be unnecessarily worried and stressed. You have a low energy level and therefore, avoid any major activity, contemplated change in career and alike.

Nothing substantial can be achieved during this month. But, indications of progress are seen at the end of this month. New areas for work and career are seen but, it will not be a smooth-sailing. Some sudden developments are also seen. The activities will increase and with them the pressure level will also increase.

Professional and personal life will continue to be on the low scale. If you think of changing your career, it could result in a bad decision. Business matters will continue to be average but rise in the status and gains is expected. For professionals, this is not a good month. You may come across hurdles in the activities that you undertake.

Marriage/ Love   
Your present focus is on the family life and domestic issues. You seek stability in all forms of relationships and that you will achieve to some extent. Marriage outlooks are bleak this month, but by the end of this month you could see the sudden revivals of the earlier moves. If married, you have the latent urge to dominate the spouse. As for love related matters, difficult trends are seen.

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