Monthly Predictions For Taurus: October 2006

(20th April to 20th May)

From an unsettled phase of your life, you are presenting yourself to a focused phase. You are already finding new avenues and the good phase will continue throughout the month of October 2006. You need to work hard and aggressively to maintain the position and the gains that are accruing. This good and growing phase may not last long after October 2006 and therefore, this is the time for consolidation for you.

Career growth will be good till the end of this month. Your health related matters need a cautious approach.  Debts may mount. Income and expenses both will increase. This month is good and positive for marriage related issues. New partnerships are possible. Business gains are good.

As compared to the previous two years, your income is on the bouncing spree. You are visualizing a change in your career but the expected change has to wait. It will not materialize this month. To sum up, this month is a positive and gainful month.

You are experiencing a phase of growth and expansion. You have multiple options and this will enthuse you and also keep you confused. This may even increase your stress levels. Even though you face stiff competition, you will continue to prosper this month. You are contemplating new partnerships and joint working but the same may not come into proper shape this month. Income from your career continues to be high. This month is good for the growth of your career.

Marriage/ Love    
Instability haunts the marital matters. You are going through a difficult phase and the same may come to an amiable settlement by the end of this month. Do not allow the situation to aggravate. Keep a low profile and hope that the matter will improve. Indeed, they will improve by the end of this month. Love matters are under the cloud, but this is a temporary phase. You will see bright sunshine soon. Good progress in marriage related proposals.

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