Monthly Predictions For Virgo: October 2006

(23rd August to 22nd September)

The year throughout has been a positive one and you will continue to ride on your good fortune even during this month. You are experiencing this fortunate period after three years of struggle. Your income level is on the rise and there is an overall improvement on the monetary front. But, your state of mind will  continue to be volatile and you are likely to err in your decisions.

Your creativity related work will be much appreciated and your income level will rise on this account. Take care about travel and new commitments during the end of this month. You make immediate friends and due to your gullible nature, your friends may misuse your goodwill. Be careful about your newly acquired friends.

Your health also needs a careful watch during this month. You will have lots of happiness and gains through your children. Don't take hasty decisions regarding new investments. Health of the children needs special care.

You can expect lots of improvement in the monetary status during this month. Family bonding and finances will be on the top. A rise in the conflicts with the spouse is possible but you will overcome it. Some pressures on you goodwill are seen and a fall in the status is expected. Don't be indifferent to your spouse. This could result in the unhappy phase of your married life. Do not take any major decisions with regard to any aspect of your life during this month. You are advised to postpone such decisions.

You are thinking of new career and job options. They may fructify by the end of the month. If not, the trends are positive for their eventual fulfillment.

As for the career, this is a positive year and the favorable trends will continue. There could be ups and downs but you will attain stability during the end of this month. Matters will settle in your favor. You will succeed in finding additional sources of income. Your friends will play a positive role in furthering your career.

Do not think about any improper investments. Do not take any moves as regards your career. A period of sudden growth in the career is expected not this month, but very soon. Your hard work is bound to give you excellent results.

Marriage/ Love
Love matters are on a high activity period. There will be new love-related issues that may lead to mental turbulence. The period is good for new and formal relationships. If you are not married, a new person may enter your life. But, do not take any decision during this month and wait for some more period.

Happiness on the outer level, but tension in the internal level- this could well be the definition of the marriages contemplated during this month. But, love matters will continue to be on a positive scale during the month.

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