Astrological Prediction- Bang On Target

There’s often a lot of hoo-hah about the veracity of astrological charts in particular and the “science” of astrology in general.  But my contention is that 1) people who impugn the field of astrology have not studied enough to make a comparison between scientific results and the pseudoscience they bash; and 2) most of you interested enough are reading this because you do believe in the paranormal, the occult, and the field of parapsychology.   So I want to share the positive experiences I have had with an astrological chart that was done for me years ago…and tout the righteousness of another chart someone did for me recently.

First, unfortunately, the astrological chart done for me twenty or so years back was created by a man who has since disappeared.  I heard through the grapevine he is dead, but maybe that was a rumor or lie and maybe you can find him.  His name is/was Neil F. Michelesen.  I don’t know how I heard about him then, for we didn’t have regular access to the internet at that time (and the astrological chart was not uploaded via email, etc.).

I sent by snail mail thirty-five dollars, and Michelsen sent me an astrological chart (the wheel with the houses, nodes, et. al.) and a forty page explanation of each of my ephemeris reports.  Wait, now that I recall more clearly, it was a compatibility chart!  It had all of the above…AND had the same for the love of my life, as well as a section on how our houses and planets agreed or disagreed.  This was the best part of the astrological chart, for because my love and I were so not-of-this-earth connected, most of the ephemeral readings were positive.  And I guess my point should also be that the descriptions were accurate.

A couple of years ago, I began the torturous task of setting up a writing business, based on decades of writing out of compulsion to do so, a little over a decade of teaching, and much desire to escape the outside world.  At the same time that my business was just starting to come to fruition, the boyfriend of the period went coo-coo and threatened me and I was moving from one place to another, quieter place.  I was online at Craigslist, checking out writing gigs, free furniture, rants and raves, or some such (doesn’t matter what, as Craigslist rocks for all of the above and more)….  I came across a posted offer for an astrological chart.  The woman would do the astrological chart first, and then the recipient of the chart would decide what it was worth and would send money.  I was impressed by this trusting approach and indulged, asking her to focus on my money house and my relationship house, of course.

She was specific in many places, vague in some other places, and positive about the future overall.  That astrological chart was less one I could test/account for, as it pertained to the future more than the present and past (as did Michelsen’s chart), but I saved it.  I just re-checked it this weekend, and yes, it was on the mark!!!!

We don’t need to prove to each other the reliability of an astrological chart, reading, or overview.  But it is nice to affirm that reliability!!!

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