Aries Monthly Prediction: October 2006

This year has been an year of challenges and disturbances and this phase will continue during October as well. Even though as a person you are patient and calm, matters will not let you remain so. The new opportunities in which you see your good time, could be quite misleading. Some of the government policies are directly affecting your business. Therefore, remain where you are, don't invent or force any changes on yourself. You have new ideas and creative work on your mind, but that has to wait till the end of this month. But, you will continue to face the hurdles in career and money matters and you will be involved in sorting out these recurring problems.

New avenues in work, partnership and also marriage for the unmarried are possible during this month. You have pressure on expenses, your health continues to be poor-both physical and mental and the position will remain the same till the end of this month. You need to do meditation to stabilize yourself. The whole of October will see low energy levels and fall in effectiveness in whatever you do.


A period of hurdles, tensions and setbacks in career will exist throughout the month. Avoid new projects and new investments at all costs. A positive phase will have to wait till the next month. Partnerships could be possible during the last week of this month. Your career will continue to be under pressure and your resentment towards the present management will remain unabated. For professionals, this month is positive.

Marriage/ Love

Very favorable month from the point of view of marriage. Unmarried people have a golden opportunity during this month. If you are married, aggression and misunderstanding are possible during this month. The relations could cause anxiety and stress for you, which may even lead to temporary separation.

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