Free Will Astrology

Free will astrology at times make many people confused. Its often seen people asking where will I find free will astrology? Is it completely free? Are they genuine computing of our fates? Like these, many sorts of questions arise in their mind hearing the words 'free will astrology'.

Well, a professional is never going to give any kind of free will astrology. That's true and take my word. Why should he? Free will astrology is found on Internet, daily newspapers, magazines and at some other places. They too are given by professional and they are paid by the sources for whom they write. The only thing is that they are free for you. You get that free with the cost of the Internet billing, magazine price, newspaper bills etc. Thus, you can see that in true sense they are not free will astrologies. No doubt the fee, if calculated will come in 0.01 cents for the money you paid for all those.

So, you have answers for the first two questions. Their availability, and the cost of getting them. Then comes the question of genuineness. Are the presumptions true and do they have relevance to your space? The best answer would be 50-50! That's because they are written with general outlook and emphasizing on all the characteristics of a total sun sign. For example if its written like this “….and you will have more patients visiting today….” Now what will you assume? You are not a doctor but a student and the presumption doesn't fit you at all. Actually, its been written for those doctors who fall under that particular zodiac sign. Don't loose heart, run your eyes a bit down and you would find things mentioned about students too.

Now they may be or may not be apt. As I said its a general presumption and hence they may not be wholly correct for you. Thus, this is what is meant by free will astrology.

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