Aquarius Monthly Predictions: October 2006

This year has been a positive year for you, and the real start for activities in different areas and avenues has arrived now. It is correct for you to pursue the same line of activity for the whole of October 06, and till 15th November 06. You will get maximum benefits and good results. This month will be a period of high growth and excellent returns. As you are very busy with your professional activities, your personal life would be under strain. The whole of October will bring you lots of luck and good fortune. You will be more inclined towards religion and spirituality.

Mark the period from 20th October onwards. You are set for high growth and expansion. Your monetary rewards will not be in tune with your efforts. But, your success will only come through efforts and not through luck. You need to handle the family matters with a fine sense of anticipation, without giving any room for frictions. This would be in your interest. Your marital relationship needs a special watch. Don't allow it to slip out of your hands this month.

Avoid venturing into any new business. Carry on with the existing line. Your slow period of progress is coming to an end and the period of fast growth is set from 20th October 2006.


The period of hard work and progress is on at present and that will continue till 2nd November 2006. Don't think of changing the job at present. Your existing project will give you lots of encouragement and success. This lucky phase will continue till 28th October 2006. New developments are possible after this date.

Marriage/ Love

Matters continue to be positive till the end of this month. The relationships will be good. Love matters are positive, and some tangible results are expected this month. October is a positive month for love related matters.

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