Yahoo Astrology

Is yahoo astrology a different branch of astrology? No. Its not something like Indian Astrology, Chinese astrology, Egyptian astrology etc.- which are the different branches of astrology practiced in different regions of the world with different names. But, Unlike them yahoo astrology doesn’t relate to any region.

What is yahoo astrology then?

Well if I ask you what is yahoo? You will jump and answer. Yes, Yahoo is what you all know about- one of the biggest IT companies and service provider. The astrology taken by yahoo is called yahoo astrology. That is yahoo too has its department of astrology on line zone that provides service regarding astrological predictions.

Yahoo astrology has everything that one needs in astrology. You get everything online that too free of cost. Only thing you need is an Internet connection and your PC. Of course there are certain sites under yahoo astrology that needs some kind of payment for providing astrological suggestions. There you need to open an account with a minimal fee and then there are various modes of operation like monthly contract, yearly contract etc. The charges vary with contracts. You need to give your credit card number and as per the contract duration the payment would be taken from your account. These are called paid sites of yahoo astrology.

What has yahoo astrology in store for free?

In yahoo astrology you will get daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly prophecies, yearly prophesies about all the zodiac signs for free of cost. You also get to know the nature of every zodiac signs. It will provide you free advice on certain aspects, business, compatibility, money matters, traveling etc.

Yes, they are completely free and you just need to furnish the data in the space given there in the web pages. But, be sure that they are general assumptions and they don’t require to be taken seriously. To get to know the perfect astrology readings you have to enter the paid sites since special readings are done for the respective person with more details about him to give the perfect predictions.

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