Horoscopic Astrology

Horoscopes have an important position in astrological cultures throughout the world. I find that every tradition of horoscopic astrology can be divided into five specific branches. These branches are directed towards specific subjects or used for specific purposes. This branch of study involves using application-specific set of techniques and the core principles of the system, to a different area. The branches of horoscopic astrology are:

* Genethliacal astrology/ Natal astrology/ Jataka - involving the study of a person's natal chart.
* Katarchic astrology/ Electional astrology/ Muhurta - choosing a chart ahead of time to determine the most auspicious moment to begin an enterprise or undertaking.
* Interrogative astrology/ Horary astrology/Prasna - a chart drawn up in order to answer a specific question which is posed to the astrologer.
* Mundane astrology - the study of natural events like weather, storms, drought cycles, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.
* Political astrology - the study of large groups of people such as cities, nations and wars. Subsets are economic astrology, market analysis astrology, financial astrology, etc.

This piece of news is specially designed for the astrology fans. Till the time I find more exciting news for you, you can study this front of astrology. Happy exploring!

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