Love Should Be Placed Above Astrological Compatibility

Do you know, where heart rules nothing can be more powerful? It’s strange to find that even today there are people who believe that astrology compatibility can make the relationship stronger by finding the right match. I would defy this notion.

What does astrology compatibility do?

Nothing rather than anything else, it tries to find out how well two people will cope up in love or married life! Yeah, you might also think that, but love knows no signs of astrology or numerology. It all depends on the understanding of the couple, their sincerity towards each other and above all the love for each other. No astrology compatibility can bring that among two people.

For instance we take that the astrology compatibility says that a boy say Jack should marry a girl say Jill of this particular sun sign to bring happiness and joy in their nuptial lives. Now we ascertain that they get married. But they don’t have the passion that is needed for a relationship. They don’t understand each other and feel like that they are married to a wrong one. Now will the predictions of astrology compatibility come to their rescue? No! So, this thing called astrology compatibility cannot be perfect in binding two souls.

How does astrology compatibility id calculated?

The date of the birth of the boy along with time is taken and all his qualities are calculated as per astrology computing. Then For the girl too the same thing is done. The next step involves is finding the ratio of compatibility amongst different stars among them. And Whenever the match is found at higher percentage, they are given the consent of good match. This takes into consideration nothing of love or feelings but the matching with some distant stars or planets. This sounds something funny!

People who have blind faith in the astrological compatibilities will never accept the fact that love is the greatest statistics of union. Rather they will give justification that astrology compatibility will brew the love between the couple. However, it is a general preference whether to believe in all this or not.

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