Astrology Zone

Ever heard the name of the post of a Zonal Manager? Visit the Head Office of any Commercial Bank. You will find ample number of them!

In astrology, everyone has a zodiac zone. The daily movement of the planets is nothing but the celestial way of forecasting the coming events. You know the wise saying, the coming events cast their shadows before. The planets precisely know this truth. In astrology, the Sun and the moon are included in the planetary combinations that influence the life and living of the people in this Earth Planet. They may have more kind of influences, affecting the entire living creatures on the Earth, about which we do not have much information and details.

The zodiac chart is your own world map- this world, the world from where you have came and the world to which you will go. With your first birth, your present life-clock begins. From the womb to the tomb, from the cradle to the grave, your planets will take care of you in all the aspects of your life- bet it inner or outer. You have your own Zodiac Zone.

Our psychological patterns determine us. In any given conditions, two persons react in different ways. Why? When you make efforts and find the answers, call them solutions, you know to some extent, what astrology is all about!

The heavenly planets are moving through the energy field of our psyche, constantly, day in and day out. This is called the Zodiac Zone. The pattern of these movements are studied by a skilled astrologer and he can forecast what psychological vibrations will sprout within you. When he tells you accurately the future possibility and direction of these vibrations, it is known as correct prediction.

If the knowledge of the astrologer is inadequate to read these vibrations in their proper perspective, his predictions are bound to be false. But you can't fault the movements of the planets, for example, by correct calculations you can predict when the sun will rise, tomorrow, day after or after one year. If, by making the wrong calculations, you say that the sunrise will be at 8.00 a.m. tomorrow, and not at 6.00 a.m., your merit is bound to be judged within the next few hours!

Correct understanding of the Zodiac Zone, is of great help in understanding your personality, and take corrective measures, wherever necessary.

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