Astrology Chart

Astrology chart gives detail on astrological facts of a person. By extending your date and time of birth along with latitude and longitude, you can get your chart prepared by an astrologer. Nowadays, with advent of internet, it has become easier for you to get your astrology chart prepared.

Online astro sites offer you free charts that you can retrieve via email after extending your basic information to the site. Astrology chart could be a natal chart or a birth chart or geographical chart. Purpose of all astrological charts are to equip you with astrological facts about yourself.

All leading astrology genre have their own way of chart making. These charts are meant to disseminate information on planetary positions, asteroids, moon sign or rising sign, sun sign and other details related to your zodiac sign. These charts also extend information on your various astrological houses although sometimes information may not be as precise as you want.

Most of these astrology charts use Placidus method to give information on houses. This technique is worldly recognized for calculation of houses. Koch system could be another alternative that is also used by astrologers for depicting houses in charts. Before getting your astrology chart prepared, you should know which system is appropriate for analysis of your astrological houses.

Star chart, Magi and astromart are globally known for accuracy and precision of chart. An astrology chart could give information on anything from love feasibility, match making to career. It also makes interesting revelation about your sexual psychology and your financial prowess. It may even throw light on inherent creativity in you.

Along with western astrology sites, some Chinese astrology sites have also been found to be offering free charts. These astrology charts are of great help for psychic astrologer in making forecast about you.

Chart interpretation practices have soared in western countries. Professional astrologers have been found to be offering their services. To know more about your chart, you can undergo a short astrology course.

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