Misconceptions Regarding Astrology Chart

There are lots of misconceptions regarding astrology chart. Many people think it something that is needed to calculate the astrology predictions. They feel that astrology chart is something one needs while computing anything regarding astrology.

In fact that’s not the thing. Astrology chart in a very simple language is the chart that has all the readings of the astrological predications of a person. That means an astrologer takes down all the qualities and things associated with a person in astrology chart. And, every astrology chart is somewhat unique. That means the chart of Mr. Robert will never be the same to Mr. Rupert, no doubt even if they share the same sun sign, date of birth and almost same time. The two of them will have different astrology charts.

How astrology chart is prepared?

Well to prepare an astrology chart, an astrologer needs to take in account the name of the person. His or her date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and some other facts are needed by the astrologer to furnish an astrology chart. All these things would be studied and put in proper place. Then the astrologer would deduce the results just like we deduce sums in school taking various formulae. He would take in consideration many factors and then prepare the astrology chart. The astrology chart is generally 4 to 5 pages.

What is there in an astrology chart?

The astrology chart so prepared by an astrologer carries all the information about the person. First of all there would be mention of stars and their influences on him/her. Then there would be the dangers encircling his life, their remedies, good things, luck, success, marriage, life line and many more. All these things are inter related and they are shown how one influences the other. Thus, by studying an astrology chart an astrologer predicts the fate of person.

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