Influence Of Astrology On The Development Of English Language!

Astrology has profoundly influenced the Western and Eastern cultures, along with their languages, in the past few thousand years. I find it amusing that in the middle ages, even the learned populace of the time believe in astrology.

Here, I discuss a few instances where the development of the English language has been guided by astrology:

1. “Influenza” was so named because doctors believed it to be caused by unfavorable planetary and stellar influences.
2. The word "disaster" comes from the Latin "dis-aster" meaning "bad star".
3. The adjectives "lunatic" (Moon), "mercurial" (Mercury), "martial" (Mars), "jovial" (Jupiter/Jove), and "saturnine" (Saturn) are all old words used to describe personal qualities said to resemble the astrological characteristics of the planet. Some of these are derived from the attributes of ancient Roman Gods.

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