Astrology Traditions

I have found that different astrology traditions were prevalent in different cultures through history. Today, I introduce you to some of these. Its interesting that despite their differences, there exist profound similarities among the methods underlying these traditions. Some of the significant traditions of astrology include:

* Jyotish/ Vedic Astrology
* Babylonian Astrology
* Hellenistic Astrology
* Medieval and Renaissance Astrology
* Modern Western Astrology with its specific subsets
* Modern Tropical and Sidereal Astrology
* Uranian Astrology
* Hamburg School Of Astrology
* Chinese Astrology
* Mesoamerican Astrology
* Tibetan Astrology
* Kabbalistic Astrology

On doing an exhaustive survey of all these traditions, I found that Astrology as a subject was studied as a highly respected branch of study in the ancient cultures of India, Mesopotamia and Greece. You didn't know all this earlier. Right?

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