Don't Visit The Astrologer Who…

Don't blame astrology, if you feel cheated by an astrologer. Astrology is absolutely right in its own way, but it is the astrologer, with little knowledge, who has made it to appear so apocryphal. So don't visit the astrologer who, • tries to prove himself as superior to you • encourages the dependency on him • gives you what you appear to want rather than what you really need • passes his own values and ideas under the cloak of astrological authority • tries to disempower you, imparting deterministic, fatalistic attitudes • speaks in astrological jargon and uses mystical language authoritatively to create "the illusion that he is imparting high truths, when indeed, he may be saying little of any significance." These are a few things that you need to observe to find out whether the astrologer is worth your time and effort.

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