Is Astrology Scientific

You can not get the correct answer to this question until and unless you study it deeply. It is rightly said, many mind, many find. Recently, researchers investigating the different aspects of astrology have concluded that there is no evidence to support a link between personality, intelligence and birth dates. The researchers studied more than 15,000 people, but found no relation between the date of birth and individual differences in personality or intelligence. But it does not mean that astrology is unscientific. Astrology is a pure science. It is the limited vision of human beings, that makes it unscientific. For example, your home is full of music or songs, but you can not hear. This does not mean that music is not there, you just need a radio or a transmitter to listen to it. In a similar manner, to understand astrology as a science, you need to possess the intellect required to know it as a science. Don't blame the scientific fabrics of universe, blame your limited resources and lower intellectual level for not being able to understand the science behind astrology.

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