Astrology And Numerology

We often see that astrology uses numeric values and numerology uses the astrological terms for their results and evaluation.

According to many astrologers, each number from 0 to 9 is being ruled by a celestial body in our solar system.

* Planet Pluto rules the number zero which has lots of depth and intensity.

* Number one is ruled by sun which is very egocentric.

* Number two is ruled by moon which is very emotional and cooperative.

* Planet Jupiter rules number three which is happy and educated.

* Number four is ruled by Mars which is dominant in nature.

* Number five is ruled by Mercury which is very communicative in nature.

* Number six is ruled by Venus which is pleasant and harmonious in nature.

* Number seven is ruled by Neptune which is spiritual in nature.

* Number eight is ruled by Saturn which is very stable in nature.

* Number nine is ruled by Uranus which is very unusual in nature.

So, know your number and the characteristic associated with it!

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