Astrology- Past And Present

Astrology is perhaps the most ancient stream of knowledge. Some consider astrology as science while others out rightly reject this connotation. Generally, astrology's origin is attributed to pyramidal temples built by Sumerians almost three thousand years before Christ. These temples were meant to help in observation of stars and planets in order to make forecast. The widely acceptable date of Astrology's birth is 2900 BC.

Two thousand years before Christ, Mesopotamia's magis came up with this concept. He came up with the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected. Gradually, magis started examining stars to make prophecies. They even observed omens in various cloud patterns. Priests started listening to trees and insects for making predictions. This is the way the evolution of astrology took place in it's primitive period.

Later on, earth's movement, planets , asteroids and other universe elements and their relative movements were observed to see their effect on a person. They had this strong belief that every element in universe and it's relative movements affect every one on the earth, although earth has no such influence on them. Gradually, astrology of various civilizations emerged such as Hindu astrology, Greek astrology, Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology.

Astrology could be considered to be the first science. It was a regular stream in ancient universities. Although, astrology was taken over by real science in universities a few hundred years back, it continues to flourish with it's own pace. Last few decades have been showing a positive trend in astrology as various new things have been incorporated. It has been reintroduced in universities and degrees are being offered in the stream, although debate over it's relevance still continues.

Nowadays, young folks have been found to be attracted towards this mystical science. Magazines and newspapers come up with their regular astrology columns and more people are seeking help from astrologers.

A negative trend associated with astrology is the emergence of good number of fake astrologers involved in fortune-telling. Astrologer's help for match making is very common in some countries. Numerology must not be confused with astrology as it has emerged as sperate science nowadays.

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