Dog Astrology

Dog astrology basically refers to astrology of Chinese zodiac sign, dog. All Chinese zodiac signs are meant for a year. All twelve Chinese zodiac signs repeat after every 12 years. Years are named after rooster, monkey, goat, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, rat, pig, and dog. Years are assigned to these signs and accordingly people borne in these years get associated with their respective zodiac sign. Chinese astrology is the Lunar astrology. This means that the Chinese New Year does not fall on the same day each year and can vary by as much as 3 weeks.

Dog astrology reveals traits and facts about folks borne in Dog year. Dogs happen to be very particular about befriending people. They happen to be a bit sceptical about new folks. They need time to get along well. But, once they become familiar, they are very good friends. Dogs happen to be very forgiving for the people they adore.

Dog astrology tells us that all dogs are painfully honest and are very sincere towards their objective. They are also known for their loyalty. People under Dog sign are full of sympathy and compassion. They are always willing to extend their helping hand to others. Dogs happen to be very choosy and crave for enduring relationships.

They are very sensitive lovers and may be emotionally hooked to make physical love. This Chinese zodiac sign also symbolizes commitment and self integrity. An enhanced level of concentration is hallmark of people under this zodiac.

Dog's year depicts earth and fire. As fire has paved the way for existence of our earth, both hold a positive relationship and cast a positive effect on all the dogs. Dog astrology is not like a western astrology or vedic astrology but is quite popular globally. It could be termed one of moon sign astrology. Cyberastro or computer astrology also possess space for Chinese dog astrology.

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