Astrology Of Sexual Psychology

Sexual astrology aims at revealing hidden sexual cravings and desires of the people. Most folks possess complex sexual grievances that they themselves don't know and sometimes which may even become a cause of anxiety. Sexual astrology  examination offers a solution to their problem.

Your Zodiac Sign or sun sign, if studied in relation to certain planetary movements often ends up revealing all about your sexual fantasies. This study of planetary psychology has even made inroads into universities and colleges.

Astrologer critically examines your zodiac sign to make an opinion. Movement of venus and mars in relation to a zodiac sign point at the time of birth tell about general sexual tendencies. But, more comprehensive account of sexual impulses could be obtained by observing effects of neptune and pluto over Mars and Venus. Your intense sexual urges are often reflected by it.

Sexual perversions are often understood with the help of these planetary movements. If you happen to be sexually manipulative, it would also become evident through sexual astrology. If you know your sexual astrology well, you would be able to keep a check over your sexual obsessions and perversions.

People having excessive effect of Pluto over Mars and Venus are likely to be very dominating and intense while making love. They possess very strong sexual drive. Their aggression may cause trouble to their partner. In certain cultures, sexual astrology is also examined at the time of match making. Pre-determination of it helps declare compatibility of wedlock entering folks.

Although, daily horoscope doesn't reveal enough of it but keeping track of monthly horoscope would get you some insight in to general sexual inclination. Most of the online astrology horoscope give enough space to it. Otherwise, you are free to pay a visit to an astrologer.

All other contemporary astrology like japanese astrology, Chinese astrology and vedic astrology have their own way of ascertaining sexual behavior.

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