Learn The Science Of Electional Astrology

Electional astrology involves timing of events as per the astrological rules. Try using electional astrology to secure a favorable outcome in case you are thinking about marriage, some business venture, financial investments or any other major decisions. When planets are showing favorable aspects, you can pick the dates for your important tasks. It is recommended to select longer time period, if you want exceptional results. So here are a few tips that would help you get hold of the right time.

Don't attempt without knowing the basics of astrology- Electional astrology cannot be used judiciously unless and until you know the basic rules of horoscope casting. Each phase of each planet has some association with some power or purpose. Familiarize yourself with the meanings of signs, aspects, the planets and houses and much more.

The strength of significators of action must be kept in mind- There should be compatibility between electional chart and natal chart. The electoral chart should work as a horary chart and churn out accurate answers.

Select an event that has to be planned and determine its significators- As per astrology, search for correspondences of the event. You can also choose two planets that complement each other in positive aspects.

Proceed further using an ephemeris-
Ephemeris refers to a calendar which has all required astrological placements. Always consider ephemeris when making any decision.

Reinforce the planets in electional chart as per as their importance- Signs of adoration and dignity are supposed to be strong signs, so try choosing them. However, a planet can also be strengthened by placing good aspects in angular house.

Always take moon in to consideration while choosing a time- The best time is when moon doesn't make any negative aspects until it transforms the zodiac signs. And, be careful in selecting a lunar phase.

Logically place the planets in event's house-
Try replacing Saturn with planets like Jupiter and Venus in house, which rules electional event. Although it is not expected to do some wonders, it can still be helpful to some extent.

Judge the chart's strength using horary and natal astrology's rules-
Reviewing the horary and natal astrology's is helpful in judging the electional chart. Horary astrology refers to divination by stars and natal astrology refers to divination by birth charts.

Try initiating electional event as per electional chart's date and time-
Initiating the event on the ideal moment makes a difference. Right moment refers to the time before the situation slips off your hands.

Don't forget to assess electional chart- Post event, scrutinize the outcome. In case, the electional chart is casted and implemented correctly, it will surely result in a favorable outcome.

So, you can use electional astrology to bring significant changes in your life.

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