General Facts About Palmistry

An ancient practice that can aid in prediction of future, apart from astrology is referred to as Palmistry. Palm reading is a foretelling that makes use of the hand lines as well as the palm's markings to connect the reasoning of the mind with the heart's intentions. The basic theory behind palmistry is that the palm encompasses information about the personality of an individual, his physical body as well as the important occurrences of his life.

A person who understands the primary hypothesis behind palmistry gets a limited amount of control over his life. Palm reading provides an individual with significant information related to the purpose of his life as well as the journey of his soul. A good palm reader can also reveal the vulnerabilities of people and can explore the challenges faced by them in their life.

Palm readers also believe that the patterns of an individual's hands tell about their traits. Though, palm readers also believe that the patterns do change with passing time, if any significant change occurs. Powerful practices such as meditation and yoga are known to have changed the patterns of individual's hands.

Few basic palmistry lines

Life line- The life line is the first line that is examined by the palmists. This supreme line is read to predict about the longevity of a person's life, his vitality as well as dynamism. Also known as paternal line, this arc shaped line stretches between the thumb & the index finger towards the wrist. A break in other lines may not be a troublesome affair. But, a break in life line can be  may indicate any change that may pertain to lifestyle, career, home and alike.

Heart line- The first prominent line, below the fingers is heart line. Also referred to as the curve of creativity, this line depicts the emotional nature of a person. It tells whether a person is introvert, cold or extrovert. Breaks and chains in our heart line represent the fluctuation in our emotions. If the heart line is long and straight, the person has a cold temperament. Heart line also records the emotional state of mind as well as heart's physical condition. Emotional breakdown as a result of fear & fatigue is indicated by small fragmented branches extending from the heart line.

Fate line

Career line or the line of Saturn is the fate line that also provides us information regarding our career as well as work prospects.

Head line
Mental capacity or intellectual capability is portrayed by the head line. Head line depicts the extent of an individuals reasoning power, memory & common sense attributes. This line is generally curved in the middle.

Sun line
Also known as second fate line, sun line compensates for a fate line that is not too strong.

Mercury Line
Positioned under the fourth finger of a person, mercury line is the health line of an individual.

Palmistry is a form of divination whose understanding as well as study is quite deep.

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