An Introduction To Hellenistic Astrology

The ancient Greek civilization was among the most advanced of its times. It is now wondered as to how  the scion of this civilization, Alexander the Great, was able to conquer nearly two third of the then known world including the highly advanced and powerful Persian empire as well.

The Greek civilization, also known as the Hellenistic civilization has given a number of gifts to the modern world. One of the key gifts of this civilization is Hellenistic astrology. The earliest roots of Hellenistic astrology can be derived in another great ancient civilization, that of the Egyptians. The golden period of the Hellenistic astrology can be counted from circa third century BCE to the seventh century CE. Note that whereas the Hellenistic period itself ended somewhere at the beginning of the Common Era, the Hellenistic astrology was able to survive for another 400 to 500 years.

The origins of this version of astrology are surrounded with myth and mystery. Current astrologers who practice this form credit the origins to a sage named Hermes Trismegistus. It is said that this sage wrote and compiled several texts which then formed the basis of the evolution of this astrology.

Riding on the wave of Greek influence, this astrology was able to enter the Roman civilization. The biggest center of this astrology in Roman civilization was Babylonia, then known as Chaldea. In fact even today, the phrase Chaldaean wisdom signifies the art and ability of divination based upon tracing and tracking the movement of heavenly bodies. The emperor of Tiberius was so impressed with the concepts and practices of Hellenistic astrology that he remained surrounded with such astrologers during his entire lifetime.

Basically, the Hellenistic astrology can be divided in three key sub types. The first sub type is the universal astrology. The focus area of this form of divination is spread high and wide. The best example of this sub type are the predictions made by Nostradamus. It is also used to predict that cases of flood, war and other large scale events.

The second sub type focuses on divination for an individual. It relies on knowledge of the exact birth details of the person and therefore takes highly from the natal chart. This kind of astrology is also very famous in the Indic and far east Asian regions today.

The third sub type focuses on event based prediction. It is used to predict the time for an individual to do something during his lifetime. This is known as the Katarchic astrology.

Hellenistic astrology is a well known and established form which has contributed much to the modern divination practices.

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