Gemstones And Zodiac Signs

The time of your birth determines your sun sign and all aspects of your life. While the sun sign determines your traits and your overall future, there are some things that can be used to reduce the negative influence of stars. Gemstones serve exactly the same purpose. Let us take a look at the various sun signs and the gemstones that are compatible with them.

Though there are quite a couple of gemstones that suit the Aries sun sign, it is coral that is considered the most compatible. Aries is known to be ruled by the planted Mars. Coral benefits Aries in more than just one way. It helps improve their creativity along with also fostering better logical thinking. Wearing coral can also help Aries improve their understanding skills.

Yellow Ruby works best for the Taurus sun sign. This sun sign is ruled by planet Venus. Yellow ruby influences the mood of people with this sun sign. It has a calming effect and offers tranquility to the mind. Astrologers claim that wearing yellow ruby can help keep Taurus in a positive mood. Besides, this gemstone can also help them turn obstacles into opportunities.

Unlike most sun signs that are usually compatible with one or two gemstones, Gemini can benefit from several gemstones. This sun sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and can benefit from gemstones like amethyst, amber and topaz. All these gemstones have a calming affect on Geminis and turn the anger into positive creative energy. This in turn brings in happiness into their lives.

While pearls are a hot favorite amidst most women, it is people with Cancer sun sign who benefit the most from them. Pearls help people with Cancer sun sign achieve mental balance. They even give them power and assist them in achieving their goals. Use of pearls for this sun sign can even bring in inner security and mental satisfaction.

While most sun signs benefit from some or the other gemstone, Leos benefit from gold. The precious metal proves to be of great value to this fiery sun sign. Gold aids in providing clarity of though to wearers. It not just provides a clearer vision but also improves concentration. This, in turn enables Leos to take better decisions.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. There are several gemstones that suit this zodiac. Some of these include Topaz, Amber and Amethyst. These stones assist in opening the heart of people who have Virgo as their zodiac. As a result, they are able to be more happy and enjoy a better life.

Wear a gemstone that suits your sun sign and you are sure to bring in more happiness and well being into your life.

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