Taurus And Gemini: Are They Compatible?

If one walks steadily and if the other one is good at running, and if both of you wish to reach a common destination within the competitive time limit, what would be the result? Friction, misunderstanding and a sense of impatience! As a Gemini, you are double-faced.

You talk something and internally you mean something else. You scheme with a different perspective. You can not be taken on your face value. Your tongue has no relation with your heart! But Taurus is simple. You say what you mean. There is only one meaning for one word of yours. Gemini's nature is artistic and imagination, rich. Taurus likes this quality. But, Taurus is too tender for the tough Gemini. There lies the problem. The relationship turns out to be dull.

Howsoever intelligent you are, but if your commitments are not honest to the individual to whom you are attached life-long, what would be the repercussions? Taurus passionately admires the brilliance of Gemini, but if it is only verbal, what is the use? That is the problem of Taurus with Gemini. Taurus desires all-out sincerity and love and wish to have the walk on the plains. Gemini wishes to jump from place to place, touch this topic, and moves to the next one in rapid succession and make Taurus confused.

The important contradiction between the two is, the mind of the Gemini works and moves like mercury, it has no fixed moorings, but Taurus is slow to respond. Taurus likes stability and hates frequent movements. Gemini, if tied up to a particular place or point of view, would feel stifled. Taurus wants domestic peace and stability. Gemini too wants it, the style and approach is different.
As for the emotional commitment, Taurus is sincere to the core, but for Gemini, it is difficult to attain that level.

The slow pace of Taurus is another big problem for Gemini. A tortoise can not have the permanent friendship with the hare! Taurus, though slow, is very stubborn. Taurus refuses to be the experimenting subject for the new ventures of Gemini. But, Taurus has the key to the victory gate. The patience of Taurus is admired by Gemini. Taurus, however feels that Gemini lives in the celestial world of imagination. Taurus likes physical closeness and craves for it. Gemini is not much responsive in this area, however!

You have the potentiality to become sincere partners, or intense rivals!

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