Are You An Aquarian?

Your sun sign goes at length in determining your overall personality. It is for this reason that people with different sun signs inhibit different characteristics. Every sun sign has certain traits that are peculiar to the same. This holds true for every zodiac including Aquarius. However, unlike most sun signs Aquarians can be broadly classified into two different categories.

Typically, Aquarians are blessed with strong and distinct personalities. But, there are two sets of Aquarians, each of them different from the other in terms of traits. The first set of Aquarians are the ones who are calm and composed at all times. They are usually timid and sensitive and show extreme patience in most situations.

The other category, on the other hand, is more flamboyant. They are outgoing and lively people. You will find these people in night clubs, at social gatherings, and parties more often. However, this category of Aquarians usually refrain from showing their true side to others. They try to be outgoing and lighthearted and hide their original feelings from others.

Though there are quite a number of differences between the two sets of Aquarians, the two bear a great deal of similarities too. One such similarity is a strong mind. It is tough to find an Aquarian who is weak in his/her opinion. No matter what Aquarians do, they exhibit a great level of confidence in everything. Besides, their urge to do things their way is immovable.

Truthfulness is yet another trait that is common to both the set of Aquarians. They are not just true to themselves but to others as well. They are usually loyal and honor their commitments well. Though this does not mean that they never lie, but they are true to the people they care for.

If there is a problem, expect an Aquarian to resolve it in the most objective and calm way. Unlike most sun signs that tend to be biased in situations of conflict, Aquarians are pretty open-minded. They are able to think for both sides of the situation before they arrive at a conclusion. Looking at situations objectively without any malice is something that comes naturally to this zodiac. No wonder, their judgments are right in most cases.

Like all other sun signs, this one too has it's share of negative traits as well. Being adamant is one of them. You can never expect an Aquarian to budge from what he/ she feels or thinks about an issue at hand. Some times, their adamant nature may also become a problem for those who are close to them.

This sun sign has both- its good as well as negative traits. But, the good ones seem to outweigh the negative. So, if you know someone who belongs to the same sun sign, try not to let them go.

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