Astrology Of Reading Sun Sign

Sun sign astrology is an age old practice and is a very interesting way to intrude into a person's psyche and personality. However, sun sign astrology can't reveal too much incase you are not aware of rising or moon.

Sun sign astrology is based on twelve different sun signs that are classified into four element category. These four elements are earth, water, air and fire. Starting from the last, the fire element consists of Leo, Aries and sagittarius. Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus fall under earth element. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra come under Air element. Water consists of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

These groups have varying characteristics that clearly distinguish them from each other. Some of these these twelve signs are discussed as follows:

* ARIES- Aries folks happen to be bold and courageous and they often get carried away with things. They are outspoken and straightforward folks. They can easily overcome betrayal and rejections. They tend to be very impulsive. They love to be flattered and cared.
* SAGITTARIUS- Folks who are sagittarius believe in experimentation and they crave for change and innovative ideas every moment. They are very honest but have a habit of making a little exaggerations to make things more attractive. A mood fluctuation is common with folks of this sign. They are governed by Jupiter.
* LEO- If you happen to be a leo, you simply crave to be the center of attraction. You are confidant but, at times you become over confident. You are a leader and try to live your life aristocratically. The sign is governed by sun.
* LIBRA- Librans are very balanced folks who always try to be rational in their behavior and attitude. They may end up getting a tag of being diplomat. Librans are focussed folks and hardly deter from their objective. Venus rules over them.
* GEMINI- If you are a gemini, you could be glib talker. You happen to be clever and you always look into pros and cons of things. Mercury rules over you.
* AQUARIUS- Folks of this sun sign tend to be very progressive. They believe in setting new ideologies and possess great vision. They are quite contrary to traditional people. They are governed by Uranus.

These are six of the twelve signs with little introduction. You can access daily horoscope to see your sun sign. Most often, related forecast turns out to be true. Monthly horoscope would give you a detailed account. You can also go for an online astrology horoscope or cyberastro. Your zodiac sign forms the basis of modern day astrology and fortune-telling.

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