Capricorn's Sexual Astrology

Sexual astrology reveals about sexual compatibility of various sun signs. People with certain signs tend to possess very high sexual drive so they want their partner to keep up with their drive. Example could be given of a Scorpio. Since, sexual attraction also stems from certain other compatible traits, sexual astrology also takes into account other factors such as moon, sun and rising sun.

In this article, sexual astrology of a Capricorn is under consideration. Although, Capricorn and Aries are a rare compatible combination, there exists a possibility of passionate sexual relationship between them. They could turn out to be a lasting love couple. Aries must realize that a Capricorn can't live without success. Sexually, Capricorn's prestige and Aries assertive approach could be appealing for each other.

Capricorn and Taurus could be a rocking sexual combination. They both tend to have equal sexual drive. They perfectly compliment each other on emotional fronts too. A Capricorn could be the best father and a cancer could be the best mom. A Capricorn guy and a cancer girl form a sexually rocking couple. Intensity of their sexual relationship grows with time. These two signs have much similarity of perception and ideology. A Capricorn would satisfy a cancer with strong sexual love.

Sexually, a Capricorn male longs for a Scorpio woman. They could be a hot couple. But, Capricorn will have to be sexually more competent and will have to keep up with the ever demanding Scorpio lady. Capricorn hate hypocrisy in relationship, so a Scorpio lady must keep herself away from it.

A capricorn also gets attracted towards inherent sex appeal of a Piscean lady. Piscean lady would love to be with Capricorn beacuse of his majectic and prestigious lifestyle. Pisces would also offer fidelity in sexual relationship that capris generally long for. But, Capricorn will have to satisfy Piscean sexually on a regular basis to keep the relationship going.

This Capricorn sexual astrology would be of great help in match making forecast. Any western astrology guide would help you know your sexual astrology. Usually, daily horoscopes have nothing mentioned about it. But, a monthly horoscope may offer you something on your sexual longings. Cyberastro would be able to help you out in acquainting you with your sexual compatibility.

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