Celtic Astrology

Celtic astrology has been one of the oldest astrological practice of the world. The roots of Celtic society go back to three thousand years before Christ. It could be called an early historic period of Ireland. It was a verbal society and has very few written documents. This Celtic astrology was verbally transferred to coming generations.

This genre of astrology is based on Lunar calendar. There was thirteen month period assigned to this calendar. Literature of Mr Robert Grave on this astrological practice has been widely considered to get acquainted with this astrology. These lunar astrological periods were named after different trees. This astrology is also considered synonymous to Druidical astrology.

Some of the astrological trees of Celtic astrology with astrological facts are as follows:

* Apple tree- This Celtic tree that depicts the period between 23rd December to 31st December, symbolizes love. Folks borne in this Tree happen to be very warm and energetic. They are very romantic folks and they crave for love. They also happen to be very loyal.

* Beech tree- The date assigned to it is 22nd December. They happen to be very creative folks. They are well organized practical folks known for their ingenuity. They could be termed as exponent of creativity because of their creative prowess.

* Hornbeam tree- The period assigned to this astrological tree is from June 4 to 13. These folks symbolize good taste and are very disciplined and conscientious folks. They are very conscious of their looks.

* Elm tree- This tree is assigned to people borne between 12th of January to 24th of January. They are very noble folks. They possess a great sense of clothing. They happen to be very honest and loyal. They are known for generosity. They also happen to be witty.

* Maple tree- They happen to be very ambitious folks. They love a restriction free evolution, particularly mental evolution. They possess ambition and confidence in plenty. Their love life happens to be very complicated with so many simultaneous contradictory overflow of emotions.

Cyberastro or Computer astrology too have space in this astrology. Online horoscopes, be it daily horoscope or weekly horoscope are available on Celtic astrological system. Celtic forecast enjoys reputation for it's accuracy. It's a lunar astrology and rather emphasizes on moon sign readings. These tree zodiac signs vary in number in two different Celtic astrology system.

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