Gemini Folk! Know About Yourself

Gemini astrology is nothing but astrological findings associated with people hailing from Gemini Sun Sign. Gemini comes under the air element. Geminis are governed by Mercury. Gemini folks have often been adjudged to be diplomatic. They are very good at manipulation.

The color that best suits to a gemini is yellow. Gemini are known to carry a split persona that may result in quick shift in mood. They are often termed as the people with multi layered personality. At one moment, they would be very flexible and courteous and the very second moment, they would pave the way for an adamant and arrogant behaviour. But, they are known for their versatility.

The gem that must be possessed by a gemini is Agate and words with which they are identified are communication, mentality and vicissitude. Yang is considered to be their energy. Gemini have no connection with the word stability. They are in fact quite contrary to stability. They get fed up with any kind of monotony in their life.

Gemini astrology says that all gemini greatly believe in experimentation. Trying out different things is the greatest source of their pleasure. Gemini folks hardly get into love relationship. They take relationship very casually. They lack commitment. Boredom is a common occurrence in life of a gemini.

They love challenges and are very confident in whatever they do. They do well in scientific research. A gemini could be highly successful in any field, provided he/she develops a little consistency. If you happen to be one, you can access online astrology horoscope or daily horoscope in newspapers to know about yourself. For a detailed account, a weekly horoscope in a weekly magazine could be read. Monthly horoscope would tell you things in even more detail.

People with gemini zodiac sign are very playful and are dexterous flirts. So, all others BEWARE!

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