Gemini Folks Hate Monotony

Astrology horoscope gemini is meant for folks borne in between 22nd May to 21st June. Astrology horoscope Gemini would reveal all about gemini folks. If you are a gemini, you have various options to keep track of your astrology horoscope gemini. With the help of daily horoscopes, you would get to know about yourself. Weekly horoscope and monthly horoscope too serve the same purpose but provide you a detailed account of traits associated with Gemini.

Geminis happen to be great communicators and often cast an impression on others through their words. They prefer flirting around and often tend to be seductive with words. Folks under gemini sun sign come under the air element. Mercury is the planet for gemini. Geminis are said to be diplomatic. Some globally recognized gemini faces are Clint Eastwood, George Bush, Elizabeth Hurley and Marlene Monroe.

Gemini are suggested to accessorize themselves with the gem Agate and are desired to wear yellow clothes. The color yellow is very lucky for them. They are known to be multifaceted personality. They could also be termed as multi layered folks as there exists no fixed behavioral pattern for geminis. They are rather associated with words like versatle and communicator. Mentally, they happen to be very tough but mood swings are quite common among them. The energy associated with them is Yang.

Astrology horoscope gemini says that all geminis greatly believe in flirting with new things. Trying out different things is greatest source of joy for them. They take a relationship very casually and lack commitment. They are often found to be claiming boredom. Gemini zodiac sign carrying people are known to be glib liars as well. With their smooth lies they can swing back the situation in their favor. Rising sign astrology would give more comprehensive account of gemini.

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