Scorpio Astrology

Scorpio astrology helps reveal all about folks with Scorpio sun sign. Scorpio is one of the western sun signs that comes under water element and period assigned to this sun sign is 23rd October to 22nd November. Scorpions are ruled by Pluto and Mars. Scorpions never seem to compromise on their desires. Their desires make them ambitious.

The gem that best suits scorpions is Topaz. The word 'desire' could better define them. Scorpio astrology is probably most debatable of all zodiac signs. This symbol 'Scorpio' truly reflects inherent traits of scorpions. Nothing is more dangerous than having a Scorpion enemy. Scorpions are identified by their extremist nature. If you happen to be a Scorpion, you are needed to keep check over your extremism otherwise, it may prove disastrous. Scorpion's intensity is well identified. They also happen to be very determined people.

If they do something, they do it with all heart and mind. Their dedication is unmatchable. They happen to be almost obsessed with their work. Whatever they do, they do it with passion. They tend to be very focussed and concentrated. Most of the scorpions tend to be obsessed with sex as well. Physical needs or bodily compulsions are of utmost importance for them. Their sexual drive is amazing. It's very difficult for their partner to keep up with their drive. Scorpions never ever confide in a person truly. They would never reveal their true emotions.

Scorpions also hate monotony and they are in constant need for change. If you are a scorpion, you can keep track of your astrology forecast through daily horoscope in news papers. A monthly horoscope would give a detailed insight into your present state. Scorpio astrology like astrology of any other sign could also be accessed with the help of Cyberastro or computer astrology.

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